Month: July, 2005

Hit the Summer with Vegan Snacks

31 July, 2005 (17:08) | Vegan Snacks, Vegetarian Kids Recipes | No comments

RECIPES: Super Snack Mix, Apple Granola Snack, Popcorn Crunchy Munch By Rae Udy Vacation season can play havoc to your healthy diet resolve. Travel light this summer by taking along your own healthy vegan snacks to avoid the pitfalls of tempting road treats. Delicious Super Snack Mix combines low-fat shredded wheat and pretzels with nuts […]

Vegetarian Kids Eat Healthy This Summer

28 July, 2005 (11:05) | Vegetarian Desserts, Vegetarian Kids Recipes, Vegetarian Lunch Recipes | No comments

RECIPES: Frozen Fruit Juice Pops, Easy Bean Quesadillas, Italian Quesadillas, Peanut Butter and Yogurt Dip By Rae Udy “Grandma makes the best fruit juice pops,” said seven-year old Aidan to her four-year old cousin Trenton. He shook his head in agreement but was too busy slurping the orange delight to answer. Witnessing this recent conversation […]

Evan at three weeks old

22 July, 2005 (16:35) | Summer Picture | No comments

EJ smiling at three weeks old (photo by Misty M. Weese)

Summer Squash for Summer Eating

22 July, 2005 (08:08) | Vegan Main Dish, Vegetarian Main Dish | No comments

RECIPES: Roasted Summer Squash, Ratatouille, Stir Fried Succhini By Rae Udy Summer squash has many nutritious qualities but also carries a couple of health warnings. Summer squash is a member of the gourd family of melons and cucumbers. Zucchini, Yellow Crookneck and Patty Pan are the most common varieties. They each have a different shape, […]

Healthy Spaghetti Supper in Summer

20 July, 2005 (19:02) | Salad and Salad Dressings, Vegan Main Dish | No comments

RECIPES: Summer Spaghetti Sauce, Crisp Green Salad, Light Vinegar and Oil Dressing By Rae Udy Spaghetti and pasta made from whole grains offer a nutty and delicious flavor. Pasta takes just minutes to cook, making it a natural for a hearty but quick summer meal. Whole grain and vegetable pastas are high in protein and […]

Stamp of Approval from Sister Lori

18 July, 2005 (10:47) | Stamp of Approval | No comments

My Favorite T-Bird

16 July, 2005 (15:04) | Summer Picture | No comments

T-Bird at four years old (photo by Misty M. Weese)


12 July, 2005 (15:29) | Order COUNTDOWN COOKING by Rae Udy | 1 comment

ORDER COUNTDOWN COOKING By Rae Udy Rae Udy’s cookbook, Countdown Cooking, provides basic nutritional information and cooking techniques for more than two hundred fifty vegan and vegetarian recipes. Menu suggestions for tasty foods from a variety of cultures and party plans for holiday cooking make Countdown Cooking unique and fun. All recipes are low in […]

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Peaches

11 July, 2005 (13:14) | Canning for the Vegetarian, Vegetarian Desserts | No comments

RECIPES: Mom’s Frozen Peaches, Peach Nectar, Peach Fruit Platter By Rae Udy Fresh peaches can satisfy your sweet tooth and provide a host of vital nutrients needed by the body. As part of the yellow and orange group of fruits and vegetables, peaches are a rich source of potassium, niacin, iron and vitamins A, C […]

Many Health Benefits in Tomaotes

3 July, 2005 (14:53) | Canning for the Vegetarian | No comments

RECIPES: Sweet Chili Sauce By Rae Udy Tomatoes are so tasty and nutritious when picked right from the garden, but they may be even better for you after cooking. Lycopene, the ingredient that makes a tomato red, is a potent antioxidant. Research from Venket Rao, Ph.D. at the University of Toronto provides evidence that levels […]