Month: February, 2007

Start You Day the Healthy Way With Vegetarian Whole Grain Breakfast

22 February, 2007 (15:40) | Vegan Breakfasts, Vegan Snacks, Vegetarian Desserts, Vegetarian Kids Recipes, Whole Grain Breads | 1 comment

RECIPES: Apple Granola, Deluxe Oatmeal, Healthy Banana Apple Muffins By Rae Udy A nutritious breakfast can set the pace for a busy day and nutritionists say it is the most important meal of the day. These breakfast recipes are quick and easy methods of including healthful whole grains and fruits into your diet. Apple Granola […]

Let the Good Times Roll with Vegan and Vegetarian Gumbo

16 February, 2007 (12:25) | Vegan Main Dish, Vegetarian Holiday Menus, Vegetarian Main Dish, Vegetarian Soups | No comments

RECIPES: Gumbo Z’ Herbes or Green Gumbo, Quick Vegetarian Gumbo By Rae Udy Derived from Central and South African terms for okra, gumbo is a rich stew created from odd sounding ingredients like roux and gumbo file`. There are literally hundreds of different gumbo recipes and many are vegetarian. Gumbo Z’ Herbes or Green Gumbo […]

Cherries are Good and Good For You Too

9 February, 2007 (12:23) | Vegan and Vegetarian Side Dishes, Vegan Main Dish, Vegan Snacks, Vegetarian Appetizers, Vegetarian Desserts, Vegetarian Holiday Menus, Vegetarian Main Dish | No comments

RECIPES: Cherry Salsa, Cherry Rice Pilaf, No Bake Cherry Chessecake Squares By Rae Udy Everyone knows how delicious cherries are, but do you know they can also relieve pain, help inflammation, and reduce your risk of cancer? Researchers at Michigan State University found the benefits of eating cherries can reduce the pain of arthritis and […]

Low Fat Treats For A Vegetarian Valentine

2 February, 2007 (13:45) | Vegan Snacks, Vegetarian Desserts, Vegetarian Holiday Menus, Vegetarian Kids Recipes | 1 comment

RECIPES: Banana Sticks, Low-Fat Snickerdoodle Cookies, Maple Angel Food Cake with Fresh Fruit Sauce By Rae Udy Candy, cookies and cakes are all part of the Valentines Day celebrations, but there are many healthy alternatives to share with your loved ones. Banana Sticks are fun and easy to make and are a great replacement for […]