March Into National Nutrition Month with Vegetarian Recipes

10 March, 2009 (11:17)

RECIPES: Easy Vegetable Lasagna, Edamame Salad, Nutty Apple Dessert

By Rae Udy

March is National Nutrition Month with goals to focus public attention on making informed food choices, developing sound eating habits and increasing physical activities.
Sponsored by the American Dietetic Association, the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, NNM spotlights valuable information on eating well.
Eating well means eating a variety of healthy foods in the right amounts so your body gets the nutrients needed to maintain good health. According to the ADA, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals and water are essential in the healthy diet.
Beans, nuts, eggs and lean meats help build muscle and a strong immune system. Whole grain carbohydrates provide fiber and energy. Limited fats also add extra energy and essential fatty acids to a healthy diet. Vitamins and mineral found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains enhance cell function and growth. Water gives cells shape and helps regulate body processes.
The ADA offers the following tips to help you practice good nutrition this month and every month of the year.
* Eat smaller meals and include a vegetable as the center of the plate, with smaller protein and starch servings surrounding. Include at least one serving of fruit and vegetable with every meal.
* Drink more water between meals and try vegetables or a handful of nuts for a snack and fresh fruit as a dessert.
* Reduce your intake of deep fried foods and trans fats found in processed foods and baked goods.
* Read food labels and reduce the amount of sugar, corn syrup and salt in your diet. Use fresh herbs and spices to season food instead.
These tasty and easy to make recipes are low in fat and calories and follow the National Nutrition Month guidelines.

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