Fruitcakes Add Nutrition and Great Taste to the Holiday Season

2 December, 2010 (16:40)

RECIPES: Beth’s Holiday Fruitcake, Grace’s No Bake Fruitcake

By Rae Udy

Naturally sweet dried fruits and crunchy nuts combine to create nutritious holiday fruitcakes. These moist fruitcakes look elegant, are nutritious and taste even better as they age throughout the holiday season.
My mom, Beth White, and my mom-in-law, Grace Weese, make these fruitcakes about this time each year. Mom hides her classic version in the back of the fridge until Christmas morning and Grace sends her fruitcake treat in a package we eagerly wait for after Thanksgiving.
Beth’s Holiday Fruitcake is a traditional fruitcake recipe and requires a lengthy cooking time. You can bake this recipe in 1 large Bundt pan, 2 bread loaf pans or 8 mini loaf pans to share with family and friends.
Grace’s No Bake Fruitcake is made with graham crackers and marshmallows. This no-bake cake will turn any fruitcake hater into a fan with its light taste and texture. Vegetarians and vegans can buy marshmallows made without gelatin at health food or online stores.

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Make 4x6 Index Card  Make 5x8 Index Card  Printer Friendly

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