August is National Peach Month, or is it?

2 August, 2008 (16:01)

RECIPES: Light Peach Melba, Frozen Peach Yogurt, Raspberry Sauce

By Rae Udy

August is National Peach Month, or is it? Some sources proclaim July is actually National Peach Month because President Reagan proclaimed it so in July 1982, but most websites choose August as the reigning peach king.
A quick internet check asking the date of peach month from the top thirty sites suggests August will always rule. Twenty sites proclaimed August as National Peach Month, five voted for July and five were undecided.
Local peaches are ready for picking right now so my vote is also going to August. Roadside stands, farmers markets and peach orchards in our area offer great bargains for healthful peaches. gives fresh peaches an A grade for nutrition value with a score of 95 percent. Peaches contain no cholesterol or sodium and just a trace of polyunsaturated fat. They are high in fiber and are a great source of niacin, vitamins C and A and potassium.
One cup of fresh peaches contain just 66 calories and provide about two grams protein. Peaches are also a good source of calcium and iron.
Choose peaches firm to the touch with flesh that yields with gentle pressure. Avoid peaches with blemishes, dark spots, dents or a hint of green because they will never fully ripen. Store ripe peaches at room temperature for three to four days or keep them in the fridge for five or six days.
Peach Melba was originally created by famed French chef Auguste Escoffier in honor of Australian opera singer Nellie Melba. The traditional recipe calls for half a peach to be poached in heavy sugar syrup, topped with vanilla ice cream and garnished with raspberry puree.
My recipe for Light Peach Melba has the same great taste as the original but contains less calories and fat grams. The peaches are baked quickly with a hint of brown sugar and butter for a crisp topping resulting in only 101 calories per serving. Frozen Peach Yogurt, with only three grams of fat, replaces a scoop of high-fat ice cream. Fresh Raspberry Sauce adds color but not a lot of calories, less than 60, to the special dessert.

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