Canned Beans Add Variety to Summer Vegetarian Diet

10 August, 2008 (09:07)

RECIPES: Taco Dip, Bean Burgers

By Rae Udy

Beans are rapidly gaining popularity as we begin to appreciate their nutritional value. Beans and legumes are a great source of low fat protein, B vitamins and dietary fiber.
Inexpensive, unsalted canned beans can make life easier for even the most hectic cooks. Ideal for the weight watcher, most beans contain only thirty-five calories for each ounce.
Taco Dip is a spicy Mexican-style dip great served with raw vegetables or crisp baked tortilla chips. This dip can be served hot or cold and looks good enough to take to a summer event or party. Each 53 calorie serving provides three grams of protein and 18 percent daily value needed for vitamin C.
The combination of beans and rice in Bean Burgers increases protein value and makes a complete protein. Try canned red, black or white beans for variety and use quick-cooking instant brown rice for added nutrition. One black bean burger contains less than 60 calories and provides three grams of protein, three grams fiber, and is a good source of iron, zinc and vitamin A.
Once the burgers are prepared they are perfect for outdoor cooking on the grill. Brush lightly with low-fat barbecue sauce and warm up on the fire. Serve on whole grain buns with all your favorite toppings.

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