Back to School Vegetarian Lunchbox Favorites

15 August, 2008 (11:07)

RECIPES: Aidan’s Veggie Meat Sandwiches, Trenton’s Tortillas, Evan’s Fruit and Dip

By Rae Udy

It is always a challenge to keep brown bag school lunch menus exciting for the kids, so I asked the experts themselves what they liked in their packed lunch. These are some fun and healthful recipe favorites my grandchildren enjoy taking in their lunchbox.
Meatless ham is the star of Aidan’s Veggie Meat Sandwiches. Three Meatless Wham Vegetable Protein Slices by Worthington contain 110 calories and 10 grams of protein with only 1 gram of saturated fat and no cholesterol. These slices also provide 120 percent of daily value for Thiamin, 30 percent for Niacin and 40 percent for vitamin B 12. Look for vegetarian ham or Wham in the freezer section of health food stores and large supermarkets near the frozen waffles.
(click on Worthington® Meatless Wham Vegetable Protein Slices for nutritional breakdown )
Trenton’s Tortillas combine the whole grain goodness of tortillas with protein rich beans for an easy lunch sandwich treat. Providing 11 grams of protein and five grams of fiber with less than 200 calories, these tasty tortillas are also a great source of calcium, iron and B vitamins.
Evan’s Fruit and Dip highlights nutritious yogurt and fresh fruit for a great lunchbox dessert. Vegetarians need to read labels of yogurt containers to avoid gelatin. Mix up the yogurt flavors and kinds of fruit for dipping so the kids will look forward to something different.

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Aidan Weese

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Trenton Weese
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Evan Weese

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