Bring Good Luck to the New Year with Healthy Food

4 January, 2010 (13:00)

RECIPES: Easy Hoppin’ John, Spicy Coleslaw, Tex-Mex Cornbread

By Rae Udy

Do you plan to ‘eat your luck’ for the new year? Its easier than you think and tasty and good for you too. Many of the luck bringing foods are round or ring shaped because this signifies the old year has been completed.
Black-eyed peas are an important part of our new year tradition. Throughout the South, African Americans in the 18th and 19th centuries feasted on Hoppin’ John on New Year’s day to bring good luck and greens to bring prosperity. According to the website, children in the family would hop around the table before the family sat down to eat this lucky new year dish.
Black-eyed peas are high in protein, 13 grams per cup, and are fat-free. One serving provides 45 percent daily value for dietary fiber, 90 percent folate, and 25 percent iron. Often a silver coin or lucky trinket was buried in the pot of black-eyed peas for added good luck for the person who found it.
Greens and cabbage guarantee luck and money for the coming year by represented the green of dollars. Parsley was often included in new years dishes because it was thought to ward off evil spirits.
Cabbage is very low in calories, a whole head contains only 220, and has no saturated fat or cholesterol. Cabbage is also a great source of calcium, iron and B vitamins.
Wishing you all a prosperous and healthy New Year.

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